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Ultra-thin 12 mil Adhesive Business Card Peel and Stick Magnets

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Adhesive magnetic business cards with a peel off liner coving a strong adhesive on one side.
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Get your business name and phone number out to current or potential customers in a way that makes you ’stick’ in their mind when they need your service....magnetize your current paper business cards by sticking them to this high-grade flexible magnet.  Just peel off the adhesive backing and apply your paper card. These ultra-thin adhesive business card magnets are perfect to use with mailings. 

These cards are 12 mil in thickness (a piece of regular copy paper is ~4 mil thick for comparison). Each card is 2" x 3.5", or the size of a standard paper business card. 

**Please note, these are not printable, they are peel-n-stick. Please visit our Printable Magnetic Business Card Category if you wish to purchase the printable cards.**

Perfect to pass out in parades and trade shows....

Perfect for Save-the-Day Wedding or party announcements....

Use them to magnetize photographs, calendars, note pads....

The list is endless!