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Explanation of Magnet Types
What is a mil?
Inkjet Magnetic Magnet Paper 8.5x11 (14 to 16 mil)
Inkjet Magnetic Paper Various Sizes (20-24 mil)
Inkjet Magnetic Business Card Sheets
Inkjet Printable Magnetic Photo Sheets (4x6,5x7)
Inkjet Printable Magnet - Rolls & By-the-Foot
RubberSteel - Magnetically Receptive Material
Adhesive Business Card Magnets
Adhesive Magnet Sheets: Various Sizes
Adhesive Magnet Strip Rolls
Adhesive Magnet: Rolls or By-the-Foot
SALE! Adhesive Magnet for DIY Promo Products
Adhesive Circle Magnets: .5",1", 2" & 3"
Magnetic Photo Sleeves / Protectors / Pockets
Dry Erase Magnetic Shelf Label Magnets (+Colors)
Dry Erase Magnet Strip Rolls (White & Colors)
Dry Erase Magnet: Rolls & By-the-Foot
Dry Erase Magnet Magnetic Sheets (Colors & White)
Plain Magnet: Sheets, Rolls or By-the-Foot
Samples & Sample Packs
Craft Magnets (buttons, strips, squares)
Pen Holder Magnets (Bulk)
Foam Adhesive Craft Magnets
Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars / Organizers
Magnetic Data Cardholders for Shelving
Colored VINYL Magnet - Sheets & Rolls
Car Sign Vinyl Magnet Sheets & Rolls
Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Cards
Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Notepads
Custom Orders

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ALL NEW: Dry Erase Magnet now available in various colors. Dry Erase 11 x 17 Magnetic Sheets, Dry Erase Magnetic Strip rolls, Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels, Dry Erase Magnetic Rolls. Colors available in most products: White, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Tan & Light Blue.

  • Print your own Save-The-Date Magnets with inkjet printable magnet business cards
  • Print your own low-cost advertisements on our inkjet magnet paper
  • Apply your paper business cards to our adhesive business card magnets
  • Print out your favorite pictures on our magnetic inkjet paper
  • Magnetic photo protector sleeves make great party favors


We buy in huge, bulk quantities and pass the low prices on to you! We ship most orders within 1 to 3 business days & take special care when packaging orders. We have a large following of loyal customers that make purchases week after week. They love our products, prices & shipping times and trust us to supply them with high quality products. 


Adhesive Business Card Magnets, Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper, Inkjet Printable Magnetic Business Cards, Adhesive Magnet Sheets in a variety of sizes, Adhesive Magnet by the roll or by-the-foot, Magnetic Photo Protectors, Dry Erase Magnet Sheets, Rolls & Shelf Labels, Self-Customizing Promotional Magnetic Notepads, Patriotic Ribbon Magnets + More.


         **All Magnet +/- 2 mil**


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30 Sheets 20 mil Magnetic Inkjet Printable Paper Magnet (8.5"x11")
30 Sheets 20 mil Magnetic Inkjet Printable Paper Magnet (8.5"x11")
10 Sheets of Magnetic Business Cards
10 Sheets of Magnetic Business Cards
Monthly Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar 1
Monthly Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar 1
100 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 60 mil
100 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 60 mil
1500 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 20 mil
1500 Adhesive Business Card Magnets 20 mil
5" x 7" Paintable 3 in 1 Magnet Photo Frames - 2 Ct.
5" x 7" Paintable 3 in 1 Magnet Photo Frames - 2 Ct.
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