Flexible Soft Magnetic Photo Protector Pocket Sleeves 4" x 6"

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Each magnetic photo sleeve protector is made up of a flexible soft plastic sleeve that is 4.25" x 6.25" with a nearly full magnetic backing. Each sleeve has one opening on a short side. 

These sleeves are perfect for protecting photos, important information and documents on your fridge or other magnetically receptive surface. They easily wipe clean if grubby little hands touch them. 

Magnetic photo pockets offer various creative and practical uses. Here are some ideas for what you can do with magnetic photo pockets:

  1. Refrigerator Display: Stick magnetic photo pockets on your refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces to display your favorite photos, family portraits, or artwork.

  2. Photo Wall Collage: Create a photo wall collage by arranging multiple magnetic photo pockets on a wall. You can easily change and update the photos as desired.

  3. Memory Board: Use magnetic photo pockets on a memory board or a metal sheet to showcase special memories, such as travel photos, concert tickets, postcards, or handwritten notes.

  4. Classroom or Office Display: Use magnetic photo pockets on whiteboards or metal cabinets in classrooms or offices to display important information, schedules, or achievements.

  5. DIY Fridge Magnet: Insert small photos or custom-designed artwork into magnetic photo pockets and attach a small magnet to the back. You can create personalized fridge magnets for yourself or as gifts.

  6. Recipe Holder: Attach magnetic photo pockets to your fridge or a metal surface in your kitchen to hold recipe cards, cooking instructions, or meal planning ideas.

  7. Travel Keepsake: Use magnetic photo pockets to store small mementos from your travels, such as ticket stubs, postcards, or pressed flowers. Stick them on a metal travel-themed board or inside a travel journal.

  8. Organize Important Documents: Keep important documents like insurance cards, ID copies, or medical records in magnetic photo pockets on a metal filing cabinet or a bulletin board for easy access and organization.

  9. Gift Tags or Greeting Cards: Insert small personalized messages, gift tags, or mini greeting cards into magnetic photo pockets and attach them to presents or cards for an added touch.

  10. DIY Chore Chart: Create a magnetic chore chart using photo pockets, with each pocket representing a task or responsibility. Move the pockets around as chores are completed.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you. Get creative and explore different ways to use magnetic photo pockets to display, organize, and showcase your photos and other meaningful items.

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