Dry erase magnet sheet
Dry erase magnet sheet

Magnetic Dry Erase Magnet Sheets 11" x 17" Many Colors

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These dry erase magnet sheets are 11" x 17" in size and 20 mil in thickness. The front side has a write on/ wipe off finish and the back is black magnet. 

These sheets are not inkjet or laser printable nor can they be run through a copier. 

Available Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Orange, & Tan. 

Dry erase magnet sheets can be used for various purposes, including:

  1. Whiteboard Magnets: You can use dry erase magnets as whiteboard magnets. Simply cut out the desired shape from the dry erase magnet sheet and attach it to any metal surface such as a whiteboard, refrigerator, or any other metal surface to use as a magnetic surface.

  2. Custom Magnets: Dry erase magnets can also be used to create custom magnets of different shapes and sizes. Cut out the desired shape from the dry erase magnet sheet and use a dry erase marker to write or draw anything on the magnet.

  3. Reminders and Notes: Dry erase magnets can be used to create reusable and removable reminders and notes. Write your to-do list or important notes on the dry erase magnet sheet and stick it on any metal surface.

  4. Schedule and Calendars: Use dry erase magnets to create reusable and changeable schedules and calendars. Create a calendar on the dry erase magnet sheet and stick it to a metal surface. Use dry erase markers to mark the dates, appointments, or events.

  5. Magnetic Games: Use dry erase magnets to create magnetic games. Cut out shapes such as puzzles, tic-tac-toe, or checkers from the dry erase magnet sheet and draw on them with dry erase markers.

  6. Office and School Supplies: Use dry erase magnets to organize your office or school supplies. Cut the dry erase magnets to size and attach them to the back of supplies such as scissors, staplers, or pens, and stick them on a metal surface for easy access.

  7. Arts and Crafts: Use dry erase magnets for arts and crafts projects. Cut out shapes, letters or numbers from the dry erase magnet sheet and decorate them with markers or stickers.

Perfect magnetic dry erase sheets for labeling shelving in offices, hospitals and warehouses. Can also be used as vent covers for most HVAC systems.