Magnetic inkjet printable paper
Magnetic inkjet printable paper

Thick Inkjet Printable Magnet Paper 11" X 17" (20-24 mil) Print on Magnetic Sheets

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If you make and sell magnets this is THE product to have.  This is THICK inkjet printable magnetic paper that is 20 to 24 mil in thickness and is available in both Matte and Glossy Finish. (For comparison, a regular sheet of copy paper is ~4 mils thick.)

This is not the flimsy magnet paper sold in office supply stores (most of which is made overseas). This product is strong, sturdy and 100% Made in the USA. 

What is magnetic paper and what can I do with it? Sheets of magnetic paper are thin, flexible, printable white magnet sheets. The inkjet printable surface is bonded to a quality magnetic sheet that is 100% Made in the USA.

These magnetic sheets are 11" x 17" in size and are available in both Matte finish and Glossy finish. This inkjet/laser printable magnet paper is fun and functional!

Use your own printer to make magnet low cost magnets:

  • photographs
  • party favor magnets
  • save-the-date magnets
  • graphics for presentations,
  • magnetic advertisements for your business

This product will work in many inkjet printers and many laser printers. We recommend purchasing a small amount to test if you are not sure. 

You can easily cut the finished product with a sharp pair of scissors or a rotary tabletop paper cutter to separate into individual magnets. 

A sheet of regular copy paper is ~4 mil thick for comparison) We have these sheets manufactured exclusively for us thicker than you would find at almost any office store!

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