Super Thick 60 mil Adhesive Magnetic Business Card Peel and Stick Magnets Heavy Duty

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These cards are a WHOPPING 60 mil in thickness! (A regular piece of copy paper is about 4 mil in thickness for comparison). 

Get your business name and phone number out to current or potential customers in a way that makes you ’stick’ in their mind when they need your service....magnetize your current paper business cards by sticking them to this high-grade flexible magnet.  Just peel off the adhesive backing and apply your paper card. This product is 100% Made in the USA.

Adhesive business card magnets can be a useful tool for promoting your business or organization in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Hand them out at events: If you're attending a trade show or other event, attach adhesive business card magnets to your business cards and hand them out to attendees. This will make it easy for people to keep your contact information handy and visible on their fridge or magnetic board.

  2. Include them in mailings: When sending out letters or other mailings to potential customers or clients, include an adhesive business card magnet along with your contact information. This can be a helpful reminder to people to follow up with you or visit your website.

  3. Use them as promotional giveaways: Adhesive business card magnets can be a great promotional giveaway for customers or clients. You could offer them as a free gift with purchase or as a thank you for signing up for your newsletter or loyalty program.

  4. Stick them on company vehicles: If you have company vehicles, consider attaching adhesive business card magnets to them. This can help promote your business to people who see your vehicles on the road or parked in public places.

  5. Give them to employees: Provide adhesive business card magnets to your employees to distribute to friends, family, and potential customers. This can help spread the word about your business and increase brand awareness.

Overall, adhesive business card magnets are a cost-effective advertising media!